Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Causes Front Windows to Leak

This homeowner came back from vacation to find water puddled in the living room under the windows. They could see the water line down the wall to the floor. The... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Garage Roof in Hutto, Texas

The homeowners of this house in Hutto, Texas found out the hard way they had a leak in their garage roof. They noticed discoloration on the ceiling in the garag... READ MORE

Fire Emergency Aftermath

When we are called out to a location after the fire damage has been done, we load up as much air drying equipment we can fit into the trucks and trailers. Fires... READ MORE

Fireplace Soot Removal

If not cleaned properly the soot on your fireplace can get smeared and make a larger spot then you started with. SERVPRO of Georgetown / East Round Rock / Hutto... READ MORE

Fire Debris Clean Up

Cleaning up after a fire is something that should be left to the professionals. The crews at SERVPRO of Georgetown / East Round Rock / Hutto are trained to clea... READ MORE

Remove Water Damage on the Ceiling

A mis-aligned thread on a pipe fitting can cause a little bit of havoc if not caught quickly. Luckily the homeowner noticed a small water stain on the ceiling w... READ MORE

Entry Way Floor Damage in Georgetown, Texas

A broken pipe caused this entire house to flood, rising to 4 inches of water in some rooms. The whole space of floor level of materials had to be replaced, as s... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage in Georgetown, Texas

These pictures show how one small spot that you see on one side, can turn out to be much bigger on the other side of the ceiling tile or sheet rock.

Kitchen Water Damage in Hutto, Texas

A broken pipe in the wall caused a major flood in this kitchen. All of the counter tops had to be detached and the cabinets had to be removed to dry them proper... READ MORE

Game Room Mold Removal in Round Rock Texas

The homeowner of this beautiful house in Round Rock, Texas decided to replace his current game room flooring with new wood floors. Unfortunately when they pulle... READ MORE